What we store

Our warehouse has been constructed to provide storage for any requirement. We can provide storage from a single archive file through to thousands of archive boxes. We have also established storage for plans, maps and posters. Not limited to paper documents we also have an inhouse secure digital media vault for offsite storage of digital media.

Organisations we store for can include but not limited to:

  • Healthcare & Pharmacies
  • Local and State Government departments
  • Education
  • Lawyers & Conveyancers
  • Banks and Finance departments
  • Small businesses
  • Retail
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Community groups
  • Personal documentation

Digital Media

Comprehensive records management doesn't end with document storage, a part of any good disaster recovery plan is protecting digital media by storing it off site. With the risk of fire, theft, computer virus infections and other disasters having a secure backup of your important data is vital for any business or organisation. With our purpose built media safe designed to store digital media, we offer a flexible rotation service at your convenience to ensure you have a current backup safe and secure.

Personal Documents

Personal Documentation is usually stored at home for convenience without the thought of disasters such as fire, flood or theft. Items such as photo albums, wills, title deeds and insurance policies are best stored away for your house for safety.

Our services are also recommended to people who are planning on travelling and want peace of mind that their documents are safe and secure while enjoying their holidays.

For easy access and storage Albany Records Management can safely and securely store all your paperwork short or long term away from your house whilst providing convenient access to your items.

B4 Envelopes

Don't have enough paperwork to store a box with us? We also have the facilities to store any documentation in a B4 Envelope or a tamper proof security seal bag. For a low annual cost, you can be assured that your documentation is safety stored away without the risk of being stolen, lost or damaged.