Our Facilities

Our premises offer sufficient storage and servicing capability to meet any current and future storage requirements. Taking all factors into consideration we are able to offer an affordable solution in an environment where paperwork can be stored long term without the worry of mould, environmental damage or pests.

We maintain a high security storage facility to provide a secure location for all your important documentation. Our premises is constructed with reinforced concrete walls, floor and ceiling to provide superior environmental stability & 24/7 security.

Our Building

  • Fire resistant and structurally sound
  • Sturdy and intruder-resistant construction, suitable for prevailing weather conditions
  • Loading bays capable of accommodating large delivery vehicles
  • Free of water leaks and dampness
  • Well-lit with a minimum of natural light
  • Temperature and humidity within National Archives of Australia standard
  • Free of insects and rodents with active pest management

Our Shelving

  • Constructed of good quality metal, properly sealed with minimal chance of rusting
  • Enable safe and ready access to records
  • Shelving able to accommodate non-standard items such as maps and plans
  • Availability of handling equipment which complies with OH&S and welfare code of best practice
  • Off ground storage of minimum 200mm height

Security and Confidentiality

  • Fire alarms are installed and linked to a readily available emergency service
  • Fire extinguishing equipment is installed and tested on a scheduled basis
  • Protection against unauthorised access to both the physical and information systems
  • Controlled access to storage area
  • All staff are National Police cleared
  • Staff are trained in handling confidential records