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Albany Records Management is focused on providing secure, easily accessible storage for documents and records of all types - including digital media, security footage, etc - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our climate controlled facility maximises the preservation of your data and is designed to achieve accurate and fast retrieval via our unique barcoding system upon every archived container.

We also cater for the destruction of sensitive data and old unused documents as you require.

Pick-up and Delivery for archive storage services & supplies can be ordered for online or by phone.



Thank you for taking the time to contemplate finding an answer for the security and storage of your documents. From the information you can give us, we can devise a tailor made solution for your requirements. After analysing your specific needs we are confident of our ability to offer you a seamless records management system that is an extension of your business.

Our comprehensive suite of services include:

  • Document storage retreival
  • Controlled atmosphere media storage
  • Catalogue service, updating or creating databases
  • Disaster Recovery, ie: Flooding, Storm Damage etc
  • Recover lost data on Hard Disk Drives
  • Secure destruction services
  • Secure office waste bins
  • Recycling paper waste




We look forward to your favourable decision!



Business Development Manager ~ manager@albanyrecords.com.au ~ Phone: (08) 9842 8145, Mobile: 0488 428 144

Locally Owned & Operated - PO Box 1965, Albany WA 6330

Albany Records Management