Personal Storage.

Personal Documentation is usually stored at home for convenience without the thought of disasters such as fire, flood or theft. Paperwork such as photo albums, wills, title deeds and insurance policies are best stored away for your house for the reduced risk of loss. For easy access and storage Albany Records Management can safely and securely store all your paperwork away from your house whilst providing convenient access to your items.

Items you can store include:

  • Photo Albums
  • Personal documentation including wills, title deeds or certificates
  • Tax returns and small business documents
  • Special memorabilia such as trophies and awards
  • Digital media
  • Tube storage for posters and maps
  • Agendas and minutes

This service includes the supply of archive boxes, free monthly access to your items, and use of our secure viewing room.

Our partner business Southcoast Security Service also has customized high security vault available for storage of high valued items. This is the perfect for personal and Self Managed Super Fund assets such as artwork, jewellery, historical collections, and precious gems. Insurance is also available for items stored in this vault.