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Paperwork and records are an important requirement with any business or government department. Most organisations who need to keep hold of paper records from 5 to 10 years find that paperwork can accumulate and take up precious office space. This paperwork is often stored in shipping containers, cupboards, and spare rooms not knowing that there are numerous risks to their archived records.

Shipping Containers & Storage Sheds

A lot of organisations believe shipping containers or storage sheds are a great way to store records off-site. However most shipping containers are prone to leaks and have a temperate range of over 20 degrees throughout a 24 hour period. This provides the perfect environment for mould to grow, rodents to nest and paperwork to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. When it comes time to access the records you have been storing you may find that due to these elements documentation is no longer useable. There is also the addition cost and extra space to position the shipping container or shed near your organisation.

Although the walls and roofs being made of steel & tin may make the container or shed seem more secure, they are often secured by a single padlock with no monitoring systems to warn against fire or theft. This is a huge risk for any documentation especially sensitive files as this can leave the company vulnerable with sensitive information being improperly accessed or loss of important documentation.

Space is another factor that needs to be considered at the time of storage, a standard 20ft shipping container or storage shed may only hold up to 200 archive boxes which you may exceed as the months or years pass by. You could also find that when it comes time to find certain documents staff may spend hours searching for the required files which can be an additional cost for any organisation. Space along with staff time can turn into an expense that you may not have taken into consideration.

Spare Rooms and Offices

Spare offices and cupboards are another way organisations store documentation. This type of storage also has many risks involved in storing important files. Not only does it take up substantial office space that can be utilised more efficiently there is also no offsite storage for important information. Offsite storage is vital for any business in case of an unfortunate event such as fire or theft.

These areas are also exposed to temperature differences especially in an environment where air conditioners are used regularly. Most boxes stored in a spare office can be unorganised causing staff to spend hours sifting through archived boxes looking for a required file. This not only takes them away from their primary position but also leaves them at risk of OH & S regulations. If a staff member trips over a box or an item stored high on a shelf falls down and injures a staff member the company could be held liable for any injuries sustained.

Storage Conditions to Avoid:

When storing either in shipping containers or spare offices there are additional costs and requirements that need to be taking into consideration. Albany Records Management have taken these factors into account to offer the perfect solution for all your storage requirements.

How Can Albany Records Management assist you??

Albany Records Management have the facility and services to assist you with all your current and future storage requirements. With an environmentally stable warehouse located in the Albany, WA all your important documentation is stored in an ideal climate. All records are safely secured within our premises with electronic access control, CCTV, and 24/7 monitored alarms for fire and theft. With our delivery and retrieval services utilising our simple barcode and online ordering system, it has been easier and safer to store and access a file. Albany Records Management is the perfect solution for all storage requirements, for under $1 per month per box you can be reassured that all documentation is safely stored in all the right conditions.

Albany Records Management can assist with:

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